‘Orange is the New Black’

Author: Piper Kerman Publisher: Abacus (in the UK) Published: 2010 (this edition 2013) ISBN: 978-0-349-13986-9 Suffering withdrawal symptoms after finally finishing the TV adaptation, I recently decided to read Piper Kerman’s Orange is the New Black- the memoirs of a middle-class American sentenced to 15 months in federal prison for a decade old drugs-related offence. […]

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‘Fahrenheit 451’

    Author: Ray Bradbury Publisher: Harper Voyager Published: 1954 (this edition 2008) ISBN: 978 0 00 654606 1 As some of you may well know, I’m not exactly a fan of science fiction, but it just felt somehow wrong to go any longer without having read Ray Bradbury’s famous Fahrenheit 451, the tale of […]

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‘Into The Wild’

Author: Jon Krakauer Published: 1996 (this edition 2007) Publisher: Pan Books (original publisher: Villard Books) ISBN: 978-0-330-45367-7 I recently decided to read Into The Wild, the true story of a young American man who disowned his entire family in order to disembark on a dream trip to Alaska, whilst feeling in the mood for a […]

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‘The Da Vinci Code’

Author: Dan Brown Publisher: Corgi Books Published: 2004 ISBN: 0 552 14951 9 I recently decided to revisit a book I last read over three years ago- Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. For those of you who have somehow managed to avoid this book and/or remain unaware of its story and the controversy it […]

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‘A Christmas Carol’

Greetings! I'll begin this post by apologising for not including the publishing details for this book- I can't access them since I read the novel on my Kindle. However, for any readers inclined to read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol I don’t suppose it will be especially hard to locate. Anyway, it’s long been a […]

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‘Never Let Me Go’

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro ISBN: 978-0-571-25809-3 Published: 2005 (this edition 2006) Publisher: Faber and Faber Genre: Dystopian/Science Fiction Once again, I find myself reading a book I’ve heard a lot about. Kazuo Ishiguru’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ tells the story of a thirty one year old woman reminiscing about her time in a seemingly idyllic, but […]

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   Author: Dante Alighieri  ISBN: 978-0-141-39354-4 Published: 1300s (this edition 2013) I was a little apprehensive to start ‘Inferno’ as I’ve never been one for poetry, yet reading the first instalment of ‘The Divine Comedy’ seemed the perfect way to throw myself in at the deep end. This member of the trilogy of poems tells […]

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Hello Again!

Greetings, After taking some time away from blogging to concentrate on various school related things, the end of exams and mocks (for this year!) means I’m back. I haven’t really been reading anything new, but expect lots of new reviews soon! Em x

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‘Hens Dancing’

Greetings, I have been reading ‘Hens Dancing’ by Rafaella Barker after my Mother recommended it as it is her favourite book. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this book. I am actually quite surprised by this as I do not always enjoy contemporary literature, especially literature that is aimed at […]

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“Paper Towns”

Greetings, As the only John Green books I have read are “The Fault in our Stars” (which I loved) and “Looking for Alaska” (which I detested), I began to read “Paper Towns” as soon as my friend gave it to me, in order to check out some of his other work. I would regard it […]

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