‘American Sniper’

Author: Chris Kyle (with Jim DeFelice and Scott McEwan) ISBN: 978-0-06-243720-4 Published: 2012 (this edition 2014) Having seen the movie adaptation, I decided to read ‘American Sniper’, the autobiography ofavy SEAL Chris Kyle- the most prolific American Sniper ever. It was interesting to read a book on war, a subject I have mixed feelings about. […]

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Author: Jane Austen ISBN: 978-0-00-735078-0 Published: 2010 (this edition) I recently decided to read the much loved ‘Emma’, Jane Austen’s social comedy centring around a vivacious young woman who has vowed never to marry. Whilst her friends look for suitors, she passes her time by match-making them. This was, I’m ashamed to admit, my first […]

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‘Walking the Nile’

   Author: Levison Wood ISBN: 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 Published: 2015 After watching the Channel Four TV series chronicling the same journey, I decided to read Levison Wood’s ‘Walking the Nile’, an account of his attempt to walk the entire length of the river. The book is definitely a […]

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   Author: Dante Alighieri  ISBN: 978-0-141-39354-4 Published: 1300s (this edition 2013) I was a little apprehensive to start ‘Inferno’ as I’ve never been one for poetry, yet reading the first instalment of ‘The Divine Comedy’ seemed the perfect way to throw myself in at the deep end. This member of the trilogy of poems tells […]

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