“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”



My Harry Potter reread has finally come to an end and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! It’s definitely one of the best series released in recent memory and more than deserving of the effort it takes to read the eight books. Truly great! “Deathly Hallows” has always been my joint favourite Potter book, partly because of the sentimental value associated with it being the final book- it feels like the end of an era! JK Rowling uses this book to answer previously unanswered questions, tie up the remaining loose ends and bring her tale to a rather epic conclusion.

There is an underlying sense of finality as Rowling adresses her characters; everyone is where they ought to be to end the series well. Harry is a delightful narrator in this book, having got over the irritating “teenage angst” shown in previous books. Voldemort is also an excellent character. He is complicated and easy to hate as well as being an excellent counterpart for Harry. Harry is altogther good, Voldemort is altogther evil. Most importantly, both receive memorable endings. Several other characters have their stories completed too- Lupin, Tonks, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to name just a few. That being said, it would have been interesting of Rowling had wrote about what became of Luna Lovegood, one of my favourite characters of the series.

There were few mistakes in the book and Rowling’s writing was as good as ever. The scene at the end of the penultimate chapter in the headmaster’s office never fails to bring a tear to my eye. Whilst some “young adult” authors can be overly cheesy as they embark on their unnecessary mission to make teenage girls cry, Rowling is always subtle when handling emotional scenes. She has the ability to make the reader involved in the book and emotional without ever overstepping the mark. My only criticism of her writing in this book is the epilogue. I have always felt that it reads like some kind of fanfiction- the way things work out for the main characters are far to “sweet” and “convenient”. Afterall, even fictional characters tend to have flaws! (Spoken like a true fangirl crashing down to earth with an explosion of feels associated with the relisation our favourite character is not perfect…)

As a whole, “Deathly Hallows” is a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the Potter series. In a world of sub-standard teen romance capers I thank the Lord for Harry Potter! The series will be remembered for generations to come as the series that got young people reading again, and deservedly so! My one problem with the novel is that I feel the epilogue is the only element of cheesy teen fiction seen anywhere in the series. The book could have made its ending more succint and ended in the headmaster’s office without too much trouble. I will say that “All was well” is a beautifully simplistic final line though. The book remains one of my favourite books within my favourite series. In regards to Potter in general it’s generally just a fantastic series of books that I would advise anybody who loves books reads, regardless of age. Absolutely brilliant!!!

Rating: 10/10

“After all this time?” “Always”



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