“Paper Towns”



As the only John Green books I have read are “The Fault in our Stars” (which I loved) and “Looking for Alaska” (which I detested), I began to read “Paper Towns” as soon as my friend gave it to me, in order to check out some of his other work. I would regard it as bring half way between “Looking….” and “TFIOS”; it wasn’t a bad book but it wasn’t particularly memorable or moving. I’d probably recomend the book, although there are better books I would be more eager to suggest.

Overall, I quite liked the main characters Quentin Jacobson and Margo Roth Spiegelman (despite their ridiculously pretentious names). My only criticism would be that at times Quentin bored me, whilst Margo irritated me. However, these faults can be overlooked as the characters do ‘tone down’ eachother quite well. A big part of the book’s appeal was the amusing ‘hangers on’ Lacey, Ben and Radar, who lightened the mood during the search for Margo.

The style of writing in “Paper Towns” was satisfactory, although I wouldn’t consider it to be anything special. At the start of the book, there were some good one liners and quotes; this sadly stopped as the subject grew more serious. The first page of the book opened in a brilliant witty manner, but I felt some of this wit was lost as the book continued. Technically, the writing was interesting with few errors.

As a whole, I enjoyed “Paper Towns” but believe it is overrated by some. It was a good book, although I wouldn’t describe it as anything ‘special’. I have seen some people complain about the books ending and, despite enjoying the conclusion, I will agree there was room for improvement and that the ending was far from the books best moment. The main reason I detested “Looking for Alaska” was its ridiculous ending, and eventhough I loved “The Fault in our Stars” I will concede that the ending is far from its finest moment. I do think Green’s books would benefit from better conclusions.

Rating: 8/10


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