“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”



Yet again I find myself apologising for the photo attached to this post, although this time that’s because I didn’t take it rather than its appalling quality! Anyway, on with the review…

Although I know the series so well that I can read non Potter related books in between the novels in JK Rowling’s series, I am currently completing my annual reread of the “Harry Potter” series. This is a tradition I have completed for the past five years that never fails to fill me with cheerful nostalgia for various reasons. As I read Rowling’s work, I am continously sucked further and further into the imaginative world of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets” is one of my favourite books of all time due to its happy feel and amusing one liners.

A big part of the books appeal is its likeable teenage heroes Harry, Ron and Hermione and its detestable villain Voldemort/Tom Riddle. Harry is the perfect hero, Hermione is the brainy sidekick, Ron provides the comic relief and Riddle is their evil counterpart. This all works well to ensure the book is never too happy or too sad- Rowling always creates the perfect medium. Harry is every bit as good as Riddle is bad, yet Riddle is the most intriguing character with his troubled past and future.

Rowling’s writing is never dull, a feat which is maintained throughout seven books. The writing has few mistakes and is of a sufficient quality so that it does not claim to be a masterpiece, but is superior to most books in the young adult genre. Also, the writing does not distract from the fun storyline displayed in “Chamber of Secrets”. The most wonderful thing about Rowling’s writing is the attention to detail she pays when it comes to small details such as the names of spells and wizarding traditions.

Overall, I actually feel as though I enjoy “Chamber of Secrets” more everytime I read it; there’s always a new detail to spot! Despite rereading the series numerous times, my love for Harry Potter has never lessened! It is a series I could read over and over again. I frequently reread it just because I can, occasionally as an alternative to starting a new book or series! I hope to continue my tradition for many years to come!

Rating: 10/10

“It is our choices, far more than our abilities, that show who we truly are.” -Albus Dumbledore

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