After two laborious months, I have finally ploughed my way through Stephen King’s “It”. This horrendous book wins my award for the most badly written, vulgar, boring, tedious and offensive book I have ever read! I will never comprehend how anyone can regard this as some sort of modern classic, and the high ratings on Goodreads simply astound me! What on Earth have I missed?!

As for the characters, I was rather hoping the giant monster would eat them all. Alas, this wish was never fulfilled (apologies for the spoiler but by the end of this review there’s no way you’ll be inclined to read “It”)… The main characters soon grew tiresome, especially the pretentious, creepy “hero” Bill Denborough. Even the monster was poorly described and lacked any substance. By the end of over 1100 pages of not caring either way for the characters, I just wanted the awful book to end!

Then there was the quality of the writing. In a word- hideous! On several occasions King invented new words, with a particular low point being “unbelief”. “It” was littered with mistakes, discrepancies and was generally incredibly irritating. If I wrote down every awful error in this book I’d be slaving away continuously until Christmas. Just horrible.

The worst thing of all about the book was the plot. From 11 year olds saving the city to turtles with galaxies for toenails it was totally odd. Whilst I can appreciate ‘quirky’ books, this was several steps too far! Alongside Thomas Harris’ monstrosity “Hannibal”, this takes home the prize for worst book (and I use the last word lightly) I have ever had the unfortunate experience of reading. If I had a worst enemy, I wouldn’t recommend this to them. Safe to say I won’t reread “It” anytime soon…

Rating: 0/10

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