After being given “Cujo” by Stephen King along with a positive recommendation, I decided to give the book a read. Unfortunately, that’s a decision I well and truly regret. I’ll definitely remember this book for how ludicrous, vulgar and generally awful it became. In English, we were asked to compose a piece of writing about what we did over the Easter holidays. I wrote about my expierience reading this awful book.

One of the books obvious flaws was its lack of likeable characters. Sadly, I found Tad and his parents simply insufferable. I confess I found myself rooting for Cujo the monstrous, rabid dog rather than the innocent humans it was relentlessy terrorising. That said, even the dog didn’t do much. The unique idea of a perfectly ordinary dog contracting rabies and reeking havok sounds promising, however Cujo lived a rather pointless existance. Overall, I detested every character in the miserable book.

Personally, I didn’t even enjoy the way “Cujo” was written; the mistakes were frequent and a 345 page book inexplicably without chapters is a bizarre concept. The writing meant I struggled to feel any sympathy for the characters and could not be scared by the supposed horror classic. In fact, I must say that at times I found the over dramatic plight of the main characters to be almost humorous.

In conclusion, I think my main grievance with “Cujo” was the unbelievable story line. Why write a book about an everyday occurrence if the characters are in an extremely unlikely situation in which they don’t take the obvious course of action? If you are scared easily, this book may appeal to you. Sadly, the only book that has ever unnerved me is the extremely disturbing “Red Dragon” by Thomas Harris. I would advise anyone looking for a book that is truly scary looks elsewhere.

Rating: 4/10

(I will post another review over the next few days. In the meantime follow my Twitter @101rupert)


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