“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

I have decided that it is (again) time to reread the “Harry Potter” series. For many reasons I continue to be an avid  fan of JK Rowling’s brilliant work; as I have got older my love for all things Potter has in no way lessened. Ever since I first checked “Philosopher’s Stone” out of my local library around five years ago this book has been a firm favourite of mine.

Part of the reason the Potter series appeals to me is it’s school age characters- I can sympathise with them in many situations. Hermione Granger, a clever if slightly bossy schoolgirl, and Ron Weasley, a loyal and funny schoolboy, compliment Harry Potter’s ‘unlikely hero’ vibe effortlessly. To oppose our hero, the novel’s weak but active villain Voldemort is a sinister presence in an otherwise pleasant story. I liked this ‘balance’ as without Voldemort the story could have become quite uneventful.

As ever, Rowling writes well throughout “Philosopher’s Stone.” The style makes the book an easy read without making it appear ‘dumbed down’ for the masses. Some of my favourite quotes originate from this book, which is partly why I find myself rereading it numerous times. The Potter series generally boasts few errors, and this book can certainly conform to that pattern. I find Rowling’s style to be a perfect mix- simple enough to read quickly but advanced enough to keep the reader interested.

After all these years, I still can’t quite pinpoint what makes Potter so enjoyable. Rather than the characters or the writing, I would suggest Rowling’s secret lies within her imagination- who hasn’t wished for a place at somewhere like Hogwarts? Simply, I adore this book. Everything about it makes me smile, and I can proudly say I will always acknowledge the “Harry Potter” series as a firm childhood favourite! Despite first reading this book five years ago its charming appeal has never lessened. Everyone should read “Harry Potter”- even Stephen King has showered the series with praise!

Rating:    10/10

“To the well organised mind, death is but the next big adventure.” -Albus Dumbledore

(I aim to read the entire Potter series and review each one. You can follow my Twitter @101rupert)


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