“The Green Mile”

After watching the film based on Stephen King’s novel “The Green Mile” I decided it was about time I read the phenomenal book. I had high expectations and, unlike the situation surrounding “The Mist”, I am delighted to say they were met. In fact, this book would be in my top ten favourite books (if I could possibly confine a list to just ten)!

What makes “The Green Mile” so beautiful is its wonderful, believable characters. The story’s narrator Paul Edgecomb and his fellow prison guards are amusing characters who made me laugh and cry, however the star of this novel is quite clearly John Coffey. Coffey is arguably one of my favourite characters ever; his innocence makes him seem almost adorable yet we also know he has seen a much more sinister side of life. Without John Coffey “The Green Mile” simply would not work! Coffey is the finishing touch that brings the book together so well.

The language in the book was expertly deployed by King- it was simple enough for Edgecomb to have realistically written the book yet complex enough to
keep the reader engaged and yearning for more. The errors in the book were few and far between- barely noticeable and certainly not able to distract from King’s marvellous story.

Overall I didn’t like or dislike this book- I adored it! Everything about the book was perfect and flowed wonderfully. I laughed, cried and gasped over the course of this brilliant epic. As a rule I can critiscise almost any book, but this one was simply flawless. The prison genre us clearly excellently suited to the author. Stephen King, I salute you!

Rating-      10/10

“I’m tired of people bein’ ugly to each other. It feels like pieces of glass in my head. I’m tired of all the times I’ve wanted to help and couldn’t. I’m tired of bein’ in the dark. ”
-John Coffey, The Green Mile

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