“The Mist”

Despite it being 1am, I am awake having just finished “The Mist” by Stephen King. I had previously seen the film based on the novella and, eventhough the amazing Frank Darabont was involved, I must say I was rather disapointed. I approached the book with some apprehension, but can conclude that it’s definitely better than the movie. That being said, the book was far from perfect.

I could not relate to many of the characters in the book, eventhough it boasts a supermarket full! The main character David was depicted as inmoral and hotheaded whilst the other characters received almost no attention. The characters behaved unrealistically; any of you who have read “The Mist” probably recall the vulgar language directed at a perfectly inoffensive chainsaw.

The book was written well, boasting few errors, however the dialogue between the main characters felt ‘forced’. I firmly believe no real people ever communicate with eachother like the characters in this story- the world would be a terrifying place if they did! Not one conversation in the novella’s 180 pages felt particularly realistic.

Overall I think “The Mist” boasts a great author and a creative plot, but is good rather than great. In order to be considered great the dialogue and interactions in the book would need serious attention. I couldn’t really make a connection with the characters because of their strange relationshios and conversations. I feel the characters may have worked better in a ‘darker’ novel where they were intended to be disliked. I would have rated this book more generously if the dialogue was more believable.

Rating:       7/10

“Since then that voice of disappointed expectation- that cheated child’s voice that can never be satisfied with such a mild superlative as good- has fallen pretty much silent. And except for a few rumbles- like the sounds of those unseen creatures somewhere out in the foggy night- it has been pretty much silent ever since. Maybe you can tell me- why should the silencing of that childish, demanding voice seem so much like dying?” -The Mist

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