“Murder on the Orient Express”

Anyone who knows me in person probably ought to stop reading immediately. Due to years of my Christie mad Uncle’s persuasion, I finally read “Murder on the Orient Express”. For all it’s a rather ‘sad’ choice for a fourteen year old girl, I will legitimately read anything! I began to read the novel and things were going reasonably well; I was enjoying the story and had even guessed some intricate plot twists. Generally, I struggle  to guess the plot of absolutely anything! When I was 340 pages into the 347 page book I had a sudden realisation. I had guessed the plot because I had been present as my mum watched the televised version of the book and seen the ending! Despite my epiphany, I persevered and read the final seven pages.

I did’nt form an opinion on many of the characters as I felt the plot centered more around the murder than the detective or the suspects. That being said, I did enjoy reading about some of the unusual characters on board the Orient Express.

I thought the book was reasonably well written, however I cannot quote it. The book is written in a very matter of fact manner, making it difficult to find any ‘inspirational’ phrases. I thought the book was a little too straight forward, meaning it probably won’t ‘stay with me’. I must acknowledge that technically I cannot fault Christie’s writing or style. One gets the impression the book is intended to be about the intricate plot rather than the characters and language.

Overall, I thought the book was pleasant but average. I enjoyed “Murder on the Orient Express” but can’t say it particularly effected me. The book may have been better if the ending had not been spoiled for me, although I don’t think I’d be inclined to reread the book any time soon. Personally, I’d regard the book as a little over rated.

Rating: 7/10

(I am about to start a new book and will post a new review soon. In the  meantime follow my Twitter @101rupert.)


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