Greetings, After being given “Cujo” by Stephen King along with a positive recommendation, I decided to give the book a read. Unfortunately, that’s a decision I well and truly regret. I’ll definitely remember this book for how ludicrous, vulgar and generally awful it became. In English, we were asked to compose a piece of writing […]

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“The Green Mile”

Hi, After watching the film based on Stephen King’s novel “The Green Mile” I decided it was about time I read the phenomenal book. I had high expectations and, unlike the situation surrounding “The Mist”, I am delighted to say they were met. In fact, this book would be in my top ten favourite books […]

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“The Mist”

Hello, Despite it being 1am, I am awake having just finished “The Mist” by Stephen King. I had previously seen the film based on the novella and, eventhough the amazing Frank Darabont was involved, I must say I was rather disapointed. I approached the book with some apprehension, but can conclude that it’s definitely better […]

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“Murder on the Orient Express”

Hello, Anyone who knows me in person probably ought to stop reading immediately. Due to years of my Christie mad Uncle’s persuasion, I finally read “Murder on the Orient Express”. For all it’s a rather ‘sad’ choice for a fourteen year old girl, I will legitimately read anything! I began to read the novel and […]

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