Five Fascinating Facts about Children’s Literature

So interesting!

Interesting Literature

We’ve often posted about children’s literature and the fascinating facts behind some of the most popular children’s authors, such as Lewis Carroll and Charles Kingsley. Now, as part of our Five Fascinating Facts series, we’d like to offer you five of the most interesting things about all of children’s literature. Given how broad a field this has to encompass, we may well need to do a follow-up post at some point, but for now, here’s our first foray into ‘Five Fascinating Facts about Children’s Literature’. We hope you enjoy.

1. The first Mr Men book, Mr Tickle, came about when author Roger Hargreaves was asked by his son what a tickle looked like. And so Hargreaves began one of the most popular series of books for very young readers. Mr Tickle appeared in 1971 along with five others in the sequence, priced at 20p each. Since then, nearly…

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