“Harry, A History”

I’ve just finished reading the enjoyable “Harry, A History” by Melissa Anelli. As someone with a major Harry Potter obsession (which is most definitely made evident by my tweets), it was reassuring to know I’m not the most manic fan out there. I firmly believe this book can be read by Potterheads interested in learning more about ‘The Harry Potter Phenomenon”, OR anyone wishing to read an informative book on obsessive fans!

Part of the reason I found the book so enthralling is it’s wonderful, witty author Melissa Anelli. Over the years I have made numerous visits to her fantastic website The Leaky Cauldron and have thoroughly enjoyed her posts on all things Potter. Anelli told some amazing stories over the course of the book, the best being about her meetings with JK Rowling herself. This book appealed to me even more because of my interest in journalism- it’s author is a Potter obsessed journalist!

I thought the book was quite witty and, at times, amusing. Since it centres around real people with similar interests to me, I was able to feel empathy with the characters. There were a few errors in the book, but certainly not an abundance. I enjoyed the books fast-paced style, that managed to make me forget. I was reading a non-fiction book.

Overall, I loved the books subject matter! It provides an elaborate insight into how Harry Potter became the billion dollar franchise it is today. It was shocking to read about such extreme fans. For all I would class myself as a dedicated ‘fangirl’, the lengths some fans discussed in this book went to where enough to terrify even me! I would definitely recommend this book, but potential readers should prepare to be shocked…

“The tale of the online fandom is every bit as extraordinary as Harry’s own, and it has left me with a feeling of awe and gratitude.” -JK Rowling


(I couldn’t review “Long Walk to Freedom” as I intended, since I am completely unorganised and left it somewhere I shouldn’t have, so I will review it next. In the meantime, follow my twitter @101rupert)


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