“The Book Thief”

Greetings, I’ve finally finished “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. Based on it’s dedicated fan base and great critical reception, I wanted to love this book. Sadly, I detested it! For several reasons I thought the book attempted to be a life lesson but failed. Usually stories about war, especially the Holocaust, move me to […]

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“Long Walk to Freedom”

Hi, After 3 weeks, I’ve finally finished reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom”. As a rule, I shy away from autobiographies. Usually I regard them as hundreds of pages of shameless self promotion. Mandela’s autobiography stood out because of its honesty. At times it was hard to read about his political troubles, however […]

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“Harry, A History”

Hi, I’ve just finished reading the enjoyable “Harry, A History” by Melissa Anelli. As someone with a major Harry Potter obsession (which is most definitely made evident by my tweets), it was reassuring to know I’m not the most manic fan out there. I firmly believe this book can be read by Potterheads interested in […]

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