On my mother’s recommendation, I have been reading James Herbert’s “Fluke”. The book was a pleasant story with a philosophical element- it really made me consider things from a different view point. The story is very unusual, as it is told from the point of view of a dog, so I recommend anyone who wants to read this book approaches it with an open mind.

Fluke, the dog who narrates the story, was pleasant but lacked any interesting personality quirks. In other words, he was sweet but not especially memorable- I will remember this book for the plot rather than the characters. Flukes mentor Rumbo was overly confident, and I had little sympathy for him over his grisly end.

The first half of “Fluke” was written in an easy to read yet detailed manner, however I didn’t think the books second half was as well written. As the book progressed, the language didn’t flow as well and I spotted several subtle errors.

In terms of the plot, “Fluke” was superb. It was original and quirky, with one of the best endings I have ever read. I have a lot of admiration for Herbert, as it is not often someone dares to do something so original. I have never read a book as unique as “Fluke”, and that’s high praise indeed coming from me! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is sick of reading seemingly the same stories over and over again (much like myself).

“It’s impossible to tell you how wonderful that moment was- even now it gives me a choking feeling- but if parts of your lives closed in episodes as in a book, then that would have been the end of a chapter. Maybe even the end of the book.” -Fluke

Rating- 9/10

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