“Forest Gump”

Welcome to my second ever review!

As I said at the end of last post, I have been reading (and enjoying) “Forrest Gump” by Winston Groom. Overall, the book was a blissfully easy read. I read 200 pages in 3 hours, which is surprising for me as I normally delight in “savouring” a book.

I received the characters in “Forrest….” with mixed reactions. I adored Forrest Gump himself- he was genuinely a character that made me smile! I laughed and cried with Forrest and thought the character was even better than the version portrayed by Tom Hanks in the film of the same name. Sadly, I didn’t feel the same way about Jenny Curran! I found Jenny mean and “bland”, even though I loved her in the film. Overall, I was disappointed by Jenny and how she is portrayed in the book.

As the book is written from the point of view of a man who boasts an IQ “less than 70”, it is deliberately littered with spelling and grammatical errors. At first, I thought this would irritate me, but I actually found it added to Forrest’s endearing appeal. I feel the book may have actually LACKED something if it had been written in standard English- even I had to concede the errors were, at times, highly amusing.

In general, I loved the adventures covered over the course of “Forest Gump”. The book made me happy, sad and everything in between! My only criticism of the plot is the books slightly “flat” ending. I felt as though the book quietly faded away, instead of going out with a bang. Personally, I much preferred the ending used in the film.

Rating: 9/10

“Bein’ an idiot is no box of chocolates”- Forrest Gump

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