“In Cold Blood”

Hi, After a considerable amount of time spent “psyching myself up” I have just finished reading the classic “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. Despite my reluctance to read such a detailed book, I knew it was about time I tackled it! I was especially interested in the book since the fabulous Harper Lee (a […]

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Some Book Related Lists

Hello! Sadly, I am unable to provide you with a new book review. This is because I am attempting to plough through the disappointingly dull and morally questionable “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote. Ranting aside, I figured it was about time I made a new blog post! I have decided to create some book […]

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Hi! On my mother’s recommendation, I have been reading James Herbert’s “Fluke”. The book was a pleasant story with a philosophical element- it really made me consider things from a different view point. The story is very unusual, as it is told from the point of view of a dog, so I recommend anyone who […]

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“Forest Gump”

Welcome to my second ever review! As I said at the end of last post, I have been reading (and enjoying) “Forrest Gump” by Winston Groom. Overall, the book was a blissfully easy read. I read 200 pages in 3 hours, which is surprising for me as I normally delight in “savouring” a book. I […]

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“To Kill a Mockingbird”

Greetings! For my first ever review, I figured I’d centre it around a classic! Recently, I finally got round to reading Harper Lee’s classic “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Frankly, I’m ashamed I didn’t read it sooner! The book was a brilliantly easy read, filled with highs and miraculously without any lows! To judge a book, […]

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An Awkward Hello!

Hi, My name is Em and I’m 14. Starting a blog is something I’ve often considered, however I’ve never acted upon these considerations until now. After the lovely Evanna Lynch and her sister Emily replied to a well-timed tweet and advised me to start a blog, I decided now was the right time to join […]

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